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by Nadine Berry - Saturday, 10 March 2018, 06:09 AM
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Virgin justvirginhair Indian hair we offer. Recognized YouTube personality and makeup guru, Keisha, who goes by the YouTube handle makeupD0LL, produced a review of our Brazilian straight hair for her channel recently, and it really filled us with pride to learn that she loved them. Keisha tried our 28-inch straight extensions for about a month and thoroughly put them to the test.

To see just how good our product was, Keisha went so far as to bleach it, not just once, but twice. This was done so that the final two-tone red color she applied would take better and result in a brighter and more textured finish. On top of applying chemical treatments to the hair, Keisha also curled it with a MiraCurl curling iron. That the hair held up to all that abuse is proof that the products we offer are truly of the highest quality.

Keisha also expressed surprise at the fact that our justvirginhairs remy hair extensions showed very little shedding. She noted that even if she did not use the weft sealer we normally include in every package, the hair still held together well. In her final review, Keisha concluded that the product Justvirginhair Company supplied was the best hair she had ever tried.

In fact, she couldn't find any cons about them and constantly restated that it was the first time she had encountered a hair extensions product she couldn't find any negatives about. We're really glad that Keisha loved our product, and are determined to make sure that her experience is shared by many others out there.

To find out more about our hair extensions and what makes them so special before you commit to a purchase, read the About subsections on our website. They provide plenty of great information about wighairstyle hair extensions and the industry in general. I took the time to watch Keisha's other videos about the hair. The link the client provided doesn't cover all the bases.

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